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Shadecloth Enquiry
  Code Description Unit Add To Basket
212-SC-010 ctbg-12-shadecloth.png Shade Cloth 20% White M Add to Basket
212-SC-030 ctbg-12-shadecloth.png Shade Cloth 40% Green M Add to Basket
212-SC-031 ctbg-12-shadecloth.png Shade Cloth 40% Black M Add to Basket
212-SC-032 ctbg-12-shadecloth.png Shade Cover 8m x 40% Shade M Add to Basket
212-SC-060 ctbg-12-shadecloth.png Shade Cloth 50% Green M Add to Basket
212-SC-061 ctbg-12-shadecloth.png Shade Cloth 50% Pool Blue M Add to Basket
212-SC-120 ctbg-12-shadecloth.png Shade Cloth 80% 1.8 wide M Add to Basket
212-SC-121 ctbg-12-shadecloth.png Shade Cloth 80% Green M Add to Basket
212-SC-122 ctbg-12-shadecloth.png Shade Cloth 80% White M Add to Basket
212-SC-123 ctbg-12-shadecloth.png Shade Cloth 80% Black M Add to Basket
212-SC-150 ctbg-12-shadecloth.png Shade Cloth 92% Silver M Add to Basket
212-SC-151 ctbg-12-shadecloth.png Shade Cloth 92% Royal Blue M Add to Basket
212-SC-152 ctbg-12-shadecloth.png Shade Cloth 92% Desert Sand M Add to Basket
212-SC-153 ctbg-12-shadecloth.png Shade Cloth 92% Grey M Add to Basket
212-SC-029 product-id-766.jpg Shadecloth 40% green joined P/M Add to Basket
212-SC-119 product-id-767.jpg Shadecloth 80% green joined P/M Add to Basket
212-SC-059 product-id-768.jpg Shadecloth 50% green joined P/M Add to Basket
212-SC-009 product-id-769.jpg Shadecloth fruit netting polyester 250cm x 49gsm P/M Add to Basket
212-SC-124 product-id-770.jpg Shadecloth 80% blue P/M Add to Basket
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