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WPP (woven polypropylene)


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Standard sizes are listed below. Click on images to view larger version.


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WPP (woven polypropylene) Enquiry
  Code Description Unit Add To Basket
101-BN-009 product-id-28.jpg Bags WPP New Military Sand 39 x 84 3 prepack 3 EA Add to Basket
101-BN-020 product-id-29.jpg Bags WPP New 12.5kg 40 x 60 EA Add to Basket
101-BN-030 product-id-30.jpg Bags WPP New 12.5kg Liners 40 x 60 EA Add to Basket
101-BN-040 product-id-31.jpg WPP New 25kg 48 x 71 EA Add to Basket
101-BN-050 product-id-32.jpg WPP New 25KG Liners 48 x 71 EA Add to Basket
101-BN-051 product-id-33.jpg Bags WPP new 25KG LAM + 48 x 70 EA Add to Basket
101-BN-060 product-id-34.jpg Bags WPP New 50kg Liners Salt 48 x 90 EA Add to Basket
101-BN-070 product-id-35.jpg Bags WPP New 50kg Salt 48 x 90 EA Add to Basket
101-BN-080 product-id-36.jpg Bags WPP New 50Kg 62 x 90 EA Add to Basket
101-BN-090 product-id-37.jpg Bags WPP New 50kg Pre-Pack x 5 62 x 90 PK Add to Basket
101-BN-100 product-id-38.jpg Bags WPP New 50Kg Liners 62 x 90 EA Add to Basket
101-BN-110 product-id-39.jpg Bags WPP New 60KG 66 x 100 EA Add to Basket
101-BN-120 product-id-40.jpg WPP New 60kg Torri White (66 x 105) EA Add to Basket
101-BN-130 product-id-41.jpg WPP New 60kg Pre Pack x 5 (66 x 105) PK Add to Basket
101-BN-140 product-id-42.jpg WPP New 70kg Torri 90gsm UV 66 x 102 EA Add to Basket
101-BN-150 product-id-43.jpg Bags WPP New 80kg 72 x 112 EA Add to Basket
101-BN-160 product-id-44.jpg Bags WPP New 90KG 90 x120 EA Add to Basket
101-BN-010 product-id-819.jpg Bags WPP New Military Sand 39 x 84 EA Add to Basket
101-BN-011 product-id-820.jpg Bags Wpp New 5KG (30X50) EA Add to Basket
101-BN-109 product-id-821.jpg Bags Wpp New 60KG (72 X98) EA Add to Basket
109-TB010 product-id-822.jpg Garden Bags 50X50X60CM 150LTR (CODE CTW001) EA Add to Basket
109-TB020 product-id-823.jpg Garden Bags 65x65x65CM - 275LTR (CODECTW002) EA Add to Basket
109-TB030 product-id-824.jpg Garden Bags 80x80x80CM - 500LTR (CODE CTW003) EA Add to Basket
109-TB040 product-id-825.jpg Garden Bags 95x95x85CM - 750LTR (CODE CTW004) EA Add to Basket
110-LP-010 product-id-826.jpg Lenomesh Pockets 25KG EA Add to Basket
112-WPN-010 product-id-827.jpg Woolpacks New 100CM X 80CM X80CM EA Add to Basket
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