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Braids Natural


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Standard sizes are listed below. Click on images to view larger version.


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Braids Natural Enquiry
  Code Description Unit Add To Basket
354-CB-030 ctbg-03-braids-a-natural-cotton.png Braid Cotton CN14 100M (NAT) ROLL Add to Basket
354-CB-040 ctbg-03-braids-a-natural-cotton.png Braid Cotton CN16R1 100M (NAT) ROLL Add to Basket
354-CB-050 ctbg-03-braids-a-natural-cotton.png Braid Cotton CN18 100M (NAT) ROLL Add to Basket
354-CB-060 ctbg-03-braids-a-natural-cotton.png Braid Cotton CN20 100M ROLL Add to Basket
354-CB-070 ctbg-03-braids-a-natural-cotton.png Braid Cotton CN21 100M ROLL Add to Basket
354-CB-080 ctbg-03-braids-a-natural-cotton.png Braid Cotton CN38/40 100M ROLL Add to Basket
354-CB-090 ctbg-03-braids-a-natural-cotton.png Braid Cotton C 41 ROLL Add to Basket
363-CSC-010 product-id-115.jpg Sashcord Cotton 5mm x 10M EA Add to Basket
363-CSC-030 product-id-117.jpg Sashcord Cotton Rnd 5mm x 200M ROLL Add to Basket
363-CSC-040 product-id-118.jpg Sashcord Cotton 5mm x 500M EA Add to Basket
363-CSC-050 product-id-119.jpg Sashcord Cotton 7mm x10M EA Add to Basket
363-CSC-060 product-id-120.jpg Sashcord Cotton 7mm x 30M EA Add to Basket
363-CSC-080 product-id-122.jpg Sashcord Cotton 7mm x 200M ROLL Add to Basket
363-CSC-090 product-id-123.jpg Sashcord Cotton 7mm x 300M EA Add to Basket
363-CSC-110 product-id-124.jpg Sashcord Cotton 12mm x 10KG KG Add to Basket
363-CSC-120 product-id-125.jpg Sashcord Cotton 16mm x 10KG (8M/KG) ROLL Add to Basket
363-CSC-021 product-id-686.jpg Sashcord cotton 5mm x 30m ROLL Add to Basket
363-CSC-071 product-id-687.jpg Sashcord cotton 7mm x 100m ROLL Add to Basket
363-CSC-100 product-id-688.jpg Sashcord cotton 10mm x 10kg (25m/kg ROLL Add to Basket
357-JB-010 ctbg-03-braids-a-natural-jute.png Braid Jute J1 - 2291 100M ROLL Add to Basket
357-JB-020 ctbg-03-braids-a-natural-jute.png Braid Jute J14 - 3122 100M ROLL Add to Basket
357-JB-030 ctbg-03-braids-a-natural-jute.png Braid Jute J17 - 3121 100M ROLL Add to Basket
357-JB-040 ctbg-03-braids-a-natural-jute.png Braid Jute J38 - 3145 100M ROLL Add to Basket
357-JB-050 ctbg-03-braids-a-natural-jute.png Braid Jute JC17 EA Add to Basket
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