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Polyester Enquiry
  Code Description Unit Add To Basket
360-PSB-010 product-id-146.jpg Braid Polyester 1.5MM X1KG Solid KG Add to Basket
360-PSB-020 product-id-147.jpg Braid Polyester 2MM X1KG Solid 270M/KG KG Add to Basket
360-PSB-021 product-id-148.jpg Braid Polyester 2MM X P/M Solid P/M Add to Basket
360-PSB-030 product-id-149.jpg Braid Polyester 2.5MMX1KG - Solid KG Add to Basket
360-PSB-040 product-id-150.jpg Braid Polyester 3MMX1KG Solid 130M/KG KG Add to Basket
360-PSB-041 product-id-151.jpg Braid Polyester 3MM X P/M Solid P/M Add to Basket
360-PSB-050 product-id-152.jpg Braid Polyester 3.5MMX1KG Solid 95M/KG KG Add to Basket
360-PSB-060 product-id-153.jpg Braid Polyester 4MMX1KG Solid 75M/KG KG Add to Basket
360-PSB-061 product-id-154.jpg Braid Polyester 4MMX P/M Solid P/M Add to Basket
360-PSB-080 product-id-155.jpg Braid Polyester 5MMX1KG Solid 57M/KG KG Add to Basket
360-PSB-081 product-id-156.jpg Braid Polyester 5MMX P/M Solid P/M Add to Basket
360-PSB-100 product-id-157.jpg Braid Polyester 6MMX1KG Solid 40M/KG KG Add to Basket
360-PSB-101 product-id-158.jpg Braid Polyester 6MMX P/M Solid P/M Add to Basket
360-PSB-110 product-id-159.jpg Braid Polyester 7MM X1KG Solid 30M/KG KG Add to Basket
360-PSB-111 product-id-160.jpg Braid Polyester 7MM X P/M Solid P/M Add to Basket
360-PSB-120 product-id-161.jpg Braid Polyester 12MM X10KG Solid 10M/KG KG Add to Basket
360-PSB-130 product-id-162.jpg Braid Polyester 16MM X10KG Solid 6M/KG KG Add to Basket
360-PSB-131 product-id-163.jpg Braid Polyester 16MM X P/M Solid P/M Add to Basket
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