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Manila Rope


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Standard sizes are listed below. Click on images to view larger version.


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Manila Rope Enquiry
  Code Description Unit Add To Basket
132-RM-010 ctbg-11-ropes-a-natural-manilla.png Ropes-Coils- Manilla 5mm 4kg/220m KG Add to Basket
132-RM-020 ctbg-11-ropes-a-natural-manilla.png Ropes-Coils- Manilla 6mm 6kg/220m KG Add to Basket
132-RM-021 ctbg-11-ropes-a-natural-manilla.png Ropes-P/M-Manilla 6mm P/M Add to Basket
132-RM-030 ctbg-11-ropes-a-natural-manilla.png Ropes-Coils-Manilla 7mm 8kg/220m KG Add to Basket
132-RM-040 ctbg-11-ropes-a-natural-manilla.png Ropes-Coils- Manilla 8mm 12kg/220m KG Add to Basket
132-RM-041 ctbg-11-ropes-a-natural-manilla.png Ropes-P/M-Manilla 8mm P/M Add to Basket
132-RM-050 ctbg-11-ropes-a-natural-manilla.png Ropes-Coils- Manila 10mm 15kg/220m KG Add to Basket
132-RM-051 ctbg-11-ropes-a-natural-manilla.png Ropes-P/M-Manilla 10mm P/M Add to Basket
132-RM-060 ctbg-11-ropes-a-natural-manilla.png Ropes-Coils-Manilla 12mm 23kg/220m KG Add to Basket
132-RM-061 ctbg-11-ropes-a-natural-manilla.png Ropes-P/M-Manilla 12mm P/M Add to Basket
132-RM-070 ctbg-11-ropes-a-natural-manilla.png Ropes-Coils- Manila 14mm 31kg/220m KG Add to Basket
132-RM-080 ctbg-11-ropes-a-natural-manilla.png Ropes-Coils- Manila 16mm 42kg/220m KG Add to Basket
132-RM-081 ctbg-11-ropes-a-natural-manilla.png Ropes-P/M-Manilla 16mm P/M Add to Basket
132-RM-090 ctbg-11-ropes-a-natural-manilla.png Ropes-Coils- Manila 18mm 46kg/220m KG Add to Basket
132-RM-091 ctbg-11-ropes-a-natural-manilla.png Ropes-P/M-Manilla 18mm P/M Add to Basket
132-RM-100 ctbg-11-ropes-a-natural-manilla.png Ropes-Coils- Manila 20mm 61kg/220m KG Add to Basket
132-RM-101 ctbg-11-ropes-a-natural-manilla.png Ropes-P/M-Manilla 20mm P/M Add to Basket
132-RM-110 ctbg-11-ropes-a-natural-manilla.png Ropes-Coils- Manila 22mm 73kg/220m KG Add to Basket
132-RM-111 ctbg-11-ropes-a-natural-manilla.png Ropes-P/M-Manilla 20mm P/M Add to Basket
132-RM-120 ctbg-11-ropes-a-natural-manilla.png Ropes-Coils- Manila 24mm 88kg/220m KG Add to Basket
132-RM-121 ctbg-11-ropes-a-natural-manilla.png Ropes-P/M- Manila 24mm P/M Add to Basket
132-RM-130 ctbg-11-ropes-a-natural-manilla.png Ropes-Coils- Manila 26mm 102kg/220m KG Add to Basket
132-RM-131 ctbg-11-ropes-a-natural-manilla.png Ropes-P/M-Manilla 26mm P/M Add to Basket
132-RM-140 ctbg-11-ropes-a-natural-manilla.png Ropes-Coils- Manila 28mm 117kg/220m KG Add to Basket
132-RM-141 ctbg-11-ropes-a-natural-manilla.png Ropes-P/M-Manilla 28mm P/M Add to Basket
132-RM-150 ctbg-11-ropes-a-natural-manilla.png Ropes-Coils-Manila 30mm 138kg/220m KG Add to Basket
132-RM-160 ctbg-11-ropes-a-natural-manilla.png Ropes-Coils- Manila 32mm 154kg/220m KG Add to Basket
132-RM-170 ctbg-11-ropes-a-natural-manilla.png Ropes-Coils- Manila 34mm KG Add to Basket
132-RM-180 ctbg-11-ropes-a-natural-manilla.png Ropes-Coils- Manila 36mm 196kg/220m KG Add to Basket
132-RM-190 ctbg-11-ropes-a-natural-manilla.png Ropes-Coils- Manila 38mm 216kg/220m KG Add to Basket
132-RM-200 ctbg-11-ropes-a-natural-manilla.png Ropes-Coils- Manila 40mm 242kg/220m KG Add to Basket
132-RM-210 ctbg-11-ropes-a-natural-manilla.png Ropes-Coils- Manila 48mm KG Add to Basket
139-RMH-004 ctbg-11-ropes-a-natural-manillahanks.png Ropes-Hanks-Manilla 6mm x 5m EA Add to Basket
139-RMH-005 ctbg-11-ropes-a-natural-manillahanks.png Ropes-Hanks-Manilla 6mm x10m EA Add to Basket
139-RMH-006 product-id-330.jpg Ropes-Hanks-Manilla 8mm x 5m EA Add to Basket
139-RMH-007 product-id-331.jpg Ropes-Hanks-Manilla 8mm x 10m EA Add to Basket
139-RMH-008 ctbg-11-ropes-a-natural-manillahanks.png Ropes-Hanks-Manilla 10mm x 5m EA Add to Basket
139-RMH-009 ctbg-11-ropes-a-natural-manillahanks.png Ropes-Hanks-Manilla 10mm x10m EA Add to Basket
139-RMH-010 ctbg-11-ropes-a-natural-manillahanks.png Ropes-Hanks-Manilla 12mm x 5m EA Add to Basket
139-RMH-020 ctbg-11-ropes-a-natural-manillahanks.png Ropes-Hanks-Manilla 12mm x10m EA Add to Basket
139-RMH-002 product-id-709.jpg Ropes hanks manilla 5mm EA Add to Basket
139-RMH-003 product-id-710.jpg Rope hanks manilla 5mm x 10m EA Add to Basket
139-RMH-021 product-id-711.jpg Ropes hanks manilla 7mm x 5m EA Add to Basket
139-RMH-022 product-id-712.jpg Ropes hanks manilla 7mm x 10m EA Add to Basket
139-RMH-011 product-id-713.jpg Ropes hanks manilla 16mm x 5m EA Add to Basket
139-RMH-012 product-id-714.jpg Ropes hanks manilla EA Add to Basket
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